About Airco·Fin Group

Our strategy

Airco·Fin B.V. has been established in 1979  in the Netherlands with the scope to provide customers all over the world with high and low finned tubes (fintubes) and with aluminium louvers for air cooled heat exchangers.

The company is fully independent and the main customers are refineries, petrochemical industries and manufacturers of condensers, air coolers and of complete large stock of base tubes.

During the years the product range of Airco·Fin  is completed with half pipe supports and all kinds of specials.

Besides production location in the Netherlands, Airco·Fin started in 2006 a factory in Hyderabad (India) and in Gorlice  (Poland) in 2009. In all our workshops the same high quality is secured and of course all are ISO certificated. As a real specialist in finning, we know how to increase the efficiency time by time with our large stock of base tubes and aluminium, Airco·Fin can serve the customers with small quantities as well with very large quantities.

Our team in the Netherlands can be contacted for the most economic quotation based on each production facility. For the first contact, please contact Willem or Lulof through our e-mail address info@aircofin.nl

You can write to us in English, French, German, and Spanish as well as Scandinavian languages

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High finned tubes

Type L, KL, LL, G and Extruded

Low finned tubes


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