Use of high-quality louvers

In the production of various climate systems, the choice is made to use high-quality louvers. This applies, for example, to air-cooled heat exchangers and air coolers, which are used in refineries, petro-chemical and chemical industries. Airco-Fin is your specialist in the production of these louvers. The high quality of the aluminum we use for these parts means that the louvers will last a long time and only need to be replaced after a long time.

Aircofin Louvers 235

Aluminum louvers in different types

Airco-Fin’s aluminum louvers are made to order, in line with the customer’s needs. We make a distinction between louvers that are operated manually and models that work automatically; by electric – pneumatic actuators. The choice to use extruded aluminum alloy 6000 gives the louvers a very high corrosion resistance. This is especially crucial for devices that have to last a long time or, for example, are used outside of buildings. In addition, the bearings we offer have the nice feature that they never need to be lubricated in order to continue to function properly.

Advice on using louvers

Would you like to know more about the application of louvers within industry or in specific climate systems? Please feel free to contact us. Our advisors are ready to advise you personally on what options may be interesting for you. It is good to note that the design of the louvers that Airco-Fin offers comply with the API-661 standard. This is the latest edition of this standard. It shows that the quality of our products is of paramount importance at Airco-Fin.