Adapted lower finning

Adapted lower finning is also possible to meet specific requirements for special designed air coolers

Many heat exchangers are overdesigned because designers use to the standard sizes for the tubing and finning. For example, the height of fins should be 1/2” or 5/8” and tube diameter should be 3/4”, 1” or 1 1/4″. Then the design might have too much capacity and the efficiency of the heat exchanger has to be reduced in different way. For the Air-cooled Heat Exchangers, it might mean that the fan speed need to be reduced because of too much surface area or too much turbulation inside the tubes.

Of course many of the finning machines can only produce the standard sizing. But not with Airco-Fin. With our 40 years experience at Airco-Fin, we are able to adjust our machines and use our tools in a way so we can produce practically all non-standard sizes.

In the picture we produce L-fin of 3/8” on 1” base tube for special service where the oil can not be cooled down too hard, avoiding the oil to coagulate. This reduced the size of the heat exchanger where the first design was based on bare tubes. This way, the design was much smaller reducing the costs of the heat exchanger.

Please feel free to kontakt us when designing your special Ai-cooled Heat Exchangers and we will check how we can produce the finned tubes fitting to your design (instead of designing your heat exchanger to the possible standard sizes).