Specialist in the field of aluminum finned tubes

Airco-Fin is your specialist in the field of aluminum finned tubes. These finned tubes have various applications and are used in heat exchangers, for example. Use the finned tube when the heat transfer coefficient on the outside of a tube is less than the same coefficient on the inside of it. The fins of a finned tube stimulate heat transfer, which enhances the effect of the heat exchanger. On this page you can read more about the use of the aluminum finned tubes that Airco-Fin offers you.

Aircofin Louvers 230

Aluminum finned tubes in various types

Aluminum finned tubes are offered in different variants. It is mainly important to look at the thermodynamic properties that the outside of a tube has. This determines to what extent additional surface is needed. You can also choose from a high or low finned on the aluminum finned tubes. A low finned tube is often chosen for oil-based coolers. Whereas in systems with air on the outside, a high finned tube is more likely to be chosen. A third factor is the choice between an L-fin, a G-fin, an E-fin and an I-fin.

Advice when purchasing aluminum finned tubes

It can be quite difficult to determine which aluminum finned tubes best suit the application you have in mind. For this reason, it is advisable to seek advice from the specialists of Airco-Fin. In addition to aluminum finned tubes, there are also models made of steel, copper and stainless steel. When do you use which of these materials? Our advisors are happy to help you on your way, by looking together for which application you are looking for aluminum finned tubes.