Do you have problems to get materials in time to meet the delivery times with your customers? Or are you facing delays because delaying deliveries of sub suppliers? All over the world the prices and delivery times for the materials are increasing. Even prices for transport / shipment of goods has never been as instable … Leggi tutto

The big issue at the moment is the rice of the material prices and availability of the raw materials in the market. For the production of the finned tubes, the same situation occurs for the base tubes and the aluminium. This is leading to higher prices and longer delivery times, which most of the time … Leggi tutto

Did you know that besides the finned tubes, Airco-Fin is manufacturer of louvers? In many processes, the air coolers need to cool down to specific temperature and the process does not allowed to reduce the temperature of the medium to lower temperature. In this case the louvers can be used to regulate the airflow that … Leggi tutto

Adapted lower finning is also possible to meet specific requirements for special designed air coolers Many heat exchangers are overdesigned because designers use to the standard sizes for the tubing and finning. For example, the height of fins should be 1/2” or 5/8” and tube diameter should be 3/4”, 1” or 1 1/4″. Then the … Leggi tutto


Did you know that Airco-Fin can produce the extruded finned tubes with extended aluminium sleeve? But what is the purpose for this…… Many of our customers want to prevent the base tubes from corrosion. Corrosion on the inside of the finned tubes, can be prevented by choosing the right type of material or designing the … Leggi tutto

During the year Airco-Fin has produced various sizes of finned tubes. At the moment in production L-finning on base tubes with size ø15,88 mm (5/8”) and L-finning on base tubes with size ø50,8 mm (2”). The picture is showing the big difference of the 2 sizes. But is also showing the big range of sizes … Leggi tutto

After almost 21 years Lulof Dijk will retire from his works and Willem Cannegieter will be the new director of Airco-Fin starting from 01-01-2021. Lulof Dijk has meant a lot for Airco-Fin BV. All the customers and suppliers know him as a very motivated sales person, somebody who works very hard and is always looking … Leggi tutto

After today (24-12-2020) the production of Airco-Fin will enjoy the holidays and will resume the production on 04-01-2021. For everyone, also for us, 2020 was a very strange year. But it also showed us that we take care of each other in the tough times. And although we had no possibility to visit our customers, … Leggi tutto


For special project for customer in Egypt we needed to supply these very short finned tubes. Technically hard to produce, but with our experienced employees a nice challenge to find an effective way to produce such special sizes. So feel free to contact us if you have a challenge with your finned tubes and we … Leggi tutto

Airco-Fin is manufacturer of finned tubes, but also for the aluminium louvers. We keep all materials on stock in our own warehouse and therefore have possibility to offer the shortest delivery times. Please send us the sizes of your cooler bundles and the way of operation (manual or automatic).  We would be pleased to send … Leggi tutto