Reliability is the key

Do you have problems to get materials in time to meet the delivery times with your customers? Or are you facing delays because delaying deliveries of sub suppliers?

All over the world the prices and delivery times for the materials are increasing. Even prices for transport / shipment of goods has never been as instable as today. Resulting in longer delivery times and delaying deliveries. As long as the materials are delivered in time on your warehouse, you will have the production time and delivery time in own hands.

Airco-Fin is well known for it’s reliability. This is translated in the following key values within Airco-Fin employees and Airco-Fin partners:

  • Always deliver in time, as promised to the customer!
  • The quality of the finned tubes and aluminium louvers is always as per Airco-Fin high standards.
  • Airco-Fin always keeps open communication to customer to make sure there will be no surprises at moment of delivery.
  • Airco-Fin doesn’t make promised they can’t meet.

Due to the current situation, Airco-Fin is focussing on keeping enough stock of raw materials to meet the demand of our customers.

Feel free to contact us for all you enquiries.