Finned tubes

Finned tubes are used, for example, in boilers, air conditioners and electric heaters. With the tubes, heat can be extracted from or added to the outside air. The type of finned tube is very important here. The quality of the tube, of course, also has a major impact on the effectiveness of the heater or air conditioner.

The importance of finned tubes

In addition, finned tubes are often used in large industrial machines that operate at very high temperatures and need to be cooled. By using high-quality finned tubes, it is possible to obtain a higher efficiency and therefore save a lot of energy. Research has shown that by using heat exchangers with higher efficiency, as much as 1.5 percent of the GDP, the national income, can be saved. In Holland this refers to billions of wasted energy costs by the industry.

High-quality finned tubes

By using finned tubes of Airco-Fin, you can achieve large savings. Airco-Fin is a world leader in the market of finned tubes and has years of experience in the optimal production of high-quality finned tubes. Both in the field of air cooled heat exchangers and steam condensers. This quality is clearly visible in our products that are, amongst others, highly resistant to corrosion and offer an excellent return. If you are interested, please contact us by sending a mail to You can also call us at + 31 0597 646 384. Or fill out the contact form.

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