Specialist in the production of a fintube

Are you looking for a specialist for the production of a fintube? Airco-Fin has many years of experience and is trusted by a wide range of companies in the industry. Our organization supplies high-quality parts, which are used for heat exchangers, among other things. The high quality means that these parts last a long time, partly because rapid wear and tear on your fintube is prevented. A fintube is not only used in heat exchangers, but also has many other applications. For which application are you looking for a suitable fintube model?

Applications of a fintube

A fintube, also known as a ribbed tube, is a tube surrounded by a number of small ribs. These ribs can be used both as a kind of filter and as a source for transferring heat to the surroundings of such a tube. In a heat exchanger in which a fintube is used, two fluids are often relied upon. It involves a liquid inside and outside this tube. With the fintube it is possible to transfer the heat from one liquid to the other. Instead of using liquids, a heat exchanger can also be used to transfer heat between warm and cold air.

Advice on the purchase and application of a fintube

Do you find it difficult to determine which fintube model best suits your intended application? The experienced advisors and professionals of Airco-Fin are happy to provide you with the desired advice. Our years of experience in the production of this component and its applications within the industry come in handy here.