Specialist in the field of a heat exchanger

Airco-Fin has been a product of high-quality finned tubes for years, which are used in the production of a heat exchanger. The experience we have gained since our foundation means that we not only provide you with high-quality products, but also advise you if desired. Within the industry, a heat exchanger is often used. It is a crucial part of various types of industries, like power generation, petro-chemical and chemical industry, rendering industry and wood drying industry.


Heat exchanger provides sustainable heating

A heat exchanger makes it possible to extract heat from a liquid or gas, after which this is transferred separately to another medium. An important advantage of this is that this other medium can be heated in a very sustainable manner.

Advice when buying parts heat exchanger

If you are looking for parts for a heat exchanger, such as our finned tubes, Airco-Fin will be happy to advise you. Please kontakt us so that we can tell you more about the applications of our products or the operation of a heat exchanger in general. Which application of a heat exchanger do you have in mind?

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