Specialist in the field of copper fin tubes

If you are looking for a specialist in the field of copper finned tubes, Airco-Fin is the right company. The advantage of using these copper fin tubes is the fact that the fins allow the heat transfer to proceed very efficiently. The loss of energy is thus reduced to a minimum. Copper finned tubes have various applications, but are most commonly used in heat exchangers. Our specialists are happy to think along with you about the way in which the copper finned tubes can be used in your production process.


Extensive tube experience

Airco-Fin has extensive experience in the field of air-cooled heat exchangers and vacuum steam condensers. As already mentioned, they are typical examples of systems in which the copper finned tubes are used. We are happy to use the experiences gained in order to provide you with the best possible advice on the use of copper finned tubes. In addition, we can tell you exactly which version of these pipes best suits your intended application. Small adjustments to these pipes can have a major effect on the result of their application. For what purpose do you want to have copper finned tubes produced?

More information about our copper fin tubes

We use high quality materials in the production of our copper fin tubes. It ensures that our pipes have optimal thermal conductivity, are corrosion resistant and thereby retain their shape when used in a heat exchanger. Please contact us so that we can tell you more about the application and production of copper finned tubes. Together we look for a design of these copper fin tubes that seamlessly match your intended application.