Specialist in finned heat exchanger tubes

Finned heat exchanger tubes are, as the name suggests, a crucial part of every heat exchanger. By this part is meant a series of tubes, which are provided with small fins on the outside. These fins increase the contact surface with an external fluid. This is necessary to be able to exchange the heat. This heat exchange takes place between the liquid in the tubes and the liquid that flows on the outside of the tubes. Airco-Fin is a specialist in the field of finned heat exchanger tubes.

Using finned heat exchanger tubes

Airco-Fin has built up extensive experience in the application of heat exchangers and the various components within these systems. This means that we can advise you on the components that are most suitable for your applications. When do I use finned heat exchanger tubes? What are the exact advantages of the fins mounted on the outside of these tubes? In my situation, does this yield a higher efficiency when exchanging heat between a cold and warm liquid? Our advisors will be happy to sit down with you to determine what is the best solution for your situation.

More information about finned heat exchanger tubes

Would you like to know more about the application of finned heat exchanger tubes in a heat exchanger? Or are you curious about the exact operation of this part in a heat exchange installation? In both cases, please feel free to contact us. Our experienced advisors and specialists are on hand to tell you more about this crucial part. We are also happy to help you if you are looking for a supplier of finned heat exchanger tubes.