Example of a finned tubes application

Various situations are conceivable in which one opts for the use of professional and high-quality finned tubes. Finned tubes, available as high- and low-finned tubes, are also referred to as fin tubes for short. An example of a finned tubes application is its use in the production of heat exchangers. These heat exchangers are in turn often used in industry. There are various products, machines, in which the heat exchanger plays an important role. In this article you can read more about this example of a finned tubes application. Are you already familiar with the use of this component?

Finned tubes application explained

The finned tubes application in the form of a heat exchanger makes it possible to cool or heat air. A coolant or a stream of a warm liquid is used for this. Such a liquid gives off its heat to the finned tubes, after which the finned tubes heat the airflow. Conversely, the refrigerant helps to cool the finned tubes and thus lowers the temperature of the airflow.

Advice on a finned tubes application

Are you curious about a finned tubes application within your production process? Please contact our advisors. They can tell you more about a finned tubes application and the possibilities it offers you. Airco-Fin is a trusted supplier of high-quality, very durable finned tubes that last a long time.

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