Choose high performance finned tubes

Airco-Fin BV is your specialist in the production of high performance finned tubes. We have been making this crucial component for heat exchangers, among other things, since 1979 for a wide variety of customers. We still use the experience we have gained since our start on a daily basis to further improve our high performance finned tubes. Everything is aimed at improving the potential efficiency of your heat exchanger or other systems in which these finned tubes are used. You can count on Airco-Fin not only for the production of high performance finned tubes; we also offer high-quality aluminum louvers for a wide range of (industrial) applications.

Application of high performance finned tubes

As already mentioned, the high performance finned tubes of Airco-Fin BV are used in heat exchangers, among other things. Our finned tubes are offered as high performance low and high finned tubes. Which of the two models do you need for your intended application? In the production of our high performance finned tubes, an aluminum strip is used, which is tied around a metal tube. It depends on the desired application, from which type of metal this tube is made; we offer you many different option

Advice on the use of high performance finned tubes

Would you like to know more about the various applications of our high performance finned tubes? Are you curious about which metals are used in its production? Please do not hesitate to contact us, so that our advisers can advise you personally about the type of high performance finned tubes that best suit your desired application of this component. Together we ensure optimum efficiency of your heat exchanger, for example.