Aluminum Louvers

Airco-Fin is your trusted supplier of high-quality aluminum louvers. This product has several applications; they are used, among other things, to adjust the ambient airflow through the air cooler. Our aluminum louvers are produced in such a way that they can be operated manually as well as using an automatic mechanism. Automatic in this case means two forms: pneumatic and electric. The aluminum louvers that we supply to parties within various sectors comply with the latest version of API 661 standard. We are happy to tell you more about this product.

Production of aluminum louvers

We design our aluminum louvers not only according to the requirements of the API 661 standard; we also pay a lot of attention to innovative novelties. This leads to a construction that makes the aluminum louvers very light and therefore easy to process. The limited weight of the aluminum louvers benefits the movement of the loose blades. Within the construction of the aluminum louvers, we use so-called PTFE bearings. An important advantage of this is that the grid will last more than 30 years, without having to be maintained in the meantime. The aluminum louvers are specifically produced with extruded aluminum. This material offers the advantage that it is characterized by a very high corrosion resistance. It certainly benefits the life of the aluminum louvers in combination with the PTFE bearings, which makes it a very sustainable choice.

Aircofin Louvers 230

Aluminum louvers of high quality

In the production of our aluminum louvers, the delivery of a high-quality product is paramount. This does not only apply to the production of aluminum louvers, but also, for example, to the production of the various types of finned tubes that Airco-Fin offers parties in the industry. In the production of aluminum louvers, we only use materials from our own stock or from reliable European suppliers. It is not an option for us to compromise on the materials used, as this could also negatively affect the quality of your end product.

Years of experience in production of aluminum louvers

With over 40 years of experience in the production of aluminum louvers and finned tubes, Airco-Fin knows what it is talking about. We do not only use the accumulated experience to be able to supply you with a high-quality product. Our technical specialists are also happy to advise you on the various applications of our products and the way in which they can be adapted to your needs. We are still looking for new opportunities to further innovate our production process and thus our products, according to the latest standards in the market. An important advantage that Airco-Fin offers you is the fact that we can supply many parts from stock. The delivery time of the aluminum louvers and our other products is therefore relatively short. It prevents delays in your production process.

More information on aluminum louvers?

Are you curious about the way in which Airco-Fin’s aluminum louvers can improve the quality of your end product? Would you like to know more about the quality requirements we set for our parts and the inspections we perform for the delivery of the aluminum louvers to customers? In both cases, please contact us. Our advisors are happy to tell you more about it.