Stock Heat Exchanger / Condenser Tubes

To serve our customers with short delivery times, we stock plain heat exchanger tubes in numerous sizes (diameter/wall thickness/length) and in different materials. All our stocked condensor tubes are European origin.

With our 1000 tonnes of heat exchanger tubes in lengths of 9.144/10.000/12.200 metres we can supply you in the most economic required part lengths.

See table for stock sizes and specifications to ASTM/ASME.

Stock sizes and specifications to ASTM/ASME

Stock Tubes SpecificationsSpecification to ASTM/ASME
Tube OD inch/mmWall thicknessA179P235GH TC1A334 Gr6A214A213/304LA213/316LA249/304LA249/316L
3/4″ = 19.05 mm14 BWG-2.11 mmVV      
1″ = 25.4 mm16 BWG-1.65 mmVV      
1″ = 25.4 mm14 BWG-2.11 mmVVV     
 13 BWG-2.41 mmVVV     
 12 BWG-2.77 mmVVV     
 11 BWG-3.05 mmVVV     
 10 BWG-3.40 mmVVV     
11/4″ = 31.75 mm12 BWG-2.77 mmVV      
 10 BWG-3.40 mm        
 1.0 mm      V 
1 1/2″ = 38.1 mm12 BWG-2.77 mm        
38.0 mm2.0 mm   V